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RTITB is the largest lift truck training accrediting body in the UK and Ireland, recognised by the HSE, HSA and HSENI. Working with over 600 of the UK and Ireland’s best trainers, including TNT, Coca-Cola and Boots as well as quality SME’s. RTITB accredits much more than lift truck training, for example all of the British Airways airside equipment training. RTITB Accreditation is about providing the best service, the best support and most importantly upholding the highest standards.

Our registration systems, NORS and MDRS provide flexible, affordable online certification schemes, with turnaround times second to none, whilst our training arm; The RTITB Academy provides for your entire road, freight and logistics training needs focusing on robust, reliable and realistic training.

The National Operator Registration Scheme is the centralised validation; registration and certification scheme for all RTITB accredited training. Registration on NORS lasts for 3 years from the date of test. 6 months prior to expiry all operators are sent notification that their registration period is due to expire, therefore encouraging re-training/testing and in turn improving safety and efficiency in workplace transport.

NORS began as a pilot scheme in 2003. Throughout the two-year pilot period various consultations were undertaken with RTITB accredited organisations. A number of changes were made to the original NORS scheme including lower prices, reduction in the registration period and the introduction of various registration options.

NORS became a standard feature of accreditation for all new RTITB accredited organisations in 2005. It became a standard feature for ALL RTITB accredited organisations on 3rd April 2006 and all accredited organisations agree to register operator training via NORS as part of the accreditation criteria, remember IF IT’S NOT NORS, IT’S NOT RTITB ACCREDITED

Since its original inception in 2003 over 153,000 (over 134,000 since it became a standard feature in April 2006) qualifications have been registered on NORS.

How will NORS benefit me, the Operator?

  • It will allow you to easily obtain duplicate certificates in the event of loss or damage to originals
  • It will allow employers to easily verify the details of your training
  • Improve the possibility of access to funded training by meeting the requirements of UK educational funding agencies

How will NORS benefit me, the employer?

  • It will be easy to identify properly trained RTITB Operators via the NORS registration number
  • It will be easy to obtain further information about training undertaken by an current or prospective employee
  • The registration renewal notification will support employers to ensure their operators remain safe operators, who receive refresher training as described by the HSE route map and guidance.

Contact us today and arrange training at our local training centre or one of our qualified instructors can conduct on site training at our clients premises.

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